This protocol details the daily routine for promoting good attendance. It should be read in conjunction with the New Earswick Primary school attendance policy.

The government have recently raised the target attendance rate to 97% for all pupils. We therefore, have a legal duty to support families to reach this target. This document sets out how the school promotes good attendance through the Local Authority’s Fast Track System.

In order to fully support our families, an attendance team has been created. This includes: Mrs Gibson, Mrs Slack, Mrs Barber and Mrs Bell. This team will be responsible for contacting families, monitoring attendance and analysing attendance data.

Day to day monitoring of absence

Our administration team will maintain the central computerised registration system accurately and in accordance with legislation by record absences as authorised or unauthorised using the symbols indicated in LA guidelines (see registers). Only the school can decide if an absence is authorised or unauthorised. They will record late arrivals on the class register. (A late mark is given for arrival up to 30 minutes after session start times. Registration closes at 09:00/13:20 and pupils arriving after this time will be recorded as absent with the appropriate code).

Unexplained absence

Our administration team will list pupils for whom there is unexplained absence as soon as registers close and pass the list to the member of the attendance team by 09:15 so a ‘double check’ of absentees can be made. They will make ‘first day’ home contact by 09:30 for any unexplained absences. This will usually be via a telephone call however, if the absence is part of an ongoing pattern, causes concern to school leaders or is part of on-going monitoring then a member of the Attendance Team may make a home visit. A member of the Attendance Team will make a home visit for any absence recorded for 5 consecutive days including weekends.

Tackling Punctuality

Your child will be late if they arrive at school after the close of the register. If you arrive at school after the class line has entered the building and the school door has closed, you must enter school via the front entrance. Regular patterns of punctuality will be monitored by the attendance team and you will be contacted by the attendance team to discuss the support required to improve punctuality. The attendance team will use resources available to them to help families improve punctuality. Should this not improve, you will be invited to attend a School Attendance Panel. Failure to engage with school could result in a penalty notice warning.

EYFS attendance

We strongly encourage families to fully utilise Nursery and Reception places by not taking holidays during term time. In line with our attendance policy, we cannot authorize holidays for pupils from 5 years old. Should you wish to take a holiday with a pupil, we request that you speak to a member of our attendance team first before committing to a holiday so that we can work together to minimise the disruption a holiday can cause.


The attendance team will ensure that parents are aware of their legal responsibility to comply with attendance regulations and that they know what constitutes an acceptable reason for absence (see Leave of Absence request form). The attendance team will monitor the attendance rates of pupils who take a holiday to ensure that attendance remains good following a holiday. Taking a holiday could contribute to an overall low attendance rate. You may then be called to a School Attendance Panel where a Penalty Notice Warning letter could be issued.

Medical and serious illness

The school and the attendance team will do all they can to support families with serious medical illness. Please contact a member of the attendance team to discuss any circumstances that may require routine or extended absence. Should your child need to leave school to attend a medical appointment, you will be asked to provide proof of the appointment. Failure to do this will result in an unauthorised absence. You may censor a medical appointment letter as we only need the name, date and time. You may also collect retrospective evidence in the form of a GP slip if you have made an appointment over the telephone but this must be provided after the appointment.



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