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Welcome to New Earswick Primary School. We are an average-sized primary school set in the village of New Earswick whilst still being part of the city of York. We serve the villages of New Earswick, Huntington and Haxby as well as villages further afield.

Our school is a hive of activity led by positive and welcoming people. Whether you are greeted by child or an adult, you will receive a warm welcome.

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Social Media

@NEP_Year1 we know you love all things space!

I have some exciting news! Next week a brand new series is starting on @CBeebiesHQ 👩🏼‍🚀

'Maddie, Space and You'.

This mini-series is one of the most most ambitious things we've filmed for beebies yet and I'm so proud of it.
It starts 18th January at 4:50pm!

Screen recording on iPad/phone. We’ve used this lots to send videos to parents as short tutorials to access home learning or demonstrate online games. Make sure microphone is on (pic 2) and you can narrate through it! Holding ALT and R on the laptop (Windows) does the same job! Simple but has ...been very gratefully received by parents!

From Monday we will bolster the Government’s weekly £15 School Meal Vouchers to £20. The extra £5 can provide children in England with nutritious meals each day at home. So you can get breakfast & lunch for 2 children for £20.
See our nutritionists' planner for meal inspiration.

Sharing one of our most popular posts from the summer! Easy label holders! Even in nursery the children know that if they want to keep a model/construction they need to label it! These are just small chunks of branch with a slot in. Easy to make and use! X

What a fantastic week for learning! Our overall engagement has been particularly impressive for week 1! 🤩Take a look to see just how well your class has done...@NEP_Year6 @Y5_NEP @NEPS_Year4 @Year3nep1 @NEP_Year2 @NEP_Year1 @NewEarswickPS

Year 2 have taken part in a Guided Reading Karaoke challenge inspired by @ShonetteBason! I’ve had some amazing videos sent to me of the children reading the words on the screen and singing down their microphones, including hairbrushes and water bottles! What a great Friday! 🎤

Saying goodnight after a very strange week! The classroom might not have been full this week but it’s still cosy and welcoming!

Check out cbbc for this great program!

Independent story maps! This was following some super role play between a little group who would never normally have chosen to play together! Some benefits of lockdown!

Teach Your Monster to Read is a great website (and app) and is currently free for all to use! Take a peek.....

More busy little people today too!! Happy teacher!! Our favourite pics have some big beaming faces on which have made our days! Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday!

WOW!!! I didn’t think you could beat yesterday Year 1 but I have received 72 pieces of work today! You are amazing me! You are making everyone so proud! Keep it up!

Working together

New Earswick Primary School is proud to be part of Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust.

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